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We have been attending Bree's B Minor Music classes for almost a year now and we just love the energy and enthusiasm Bree brings to each and every class. Familiar and new songs the children all get involved in singing, which we hum and sing during the week in between classes. Bree's classes are personalised to each group as she sings each childs name and often encourages the children to choose some of their favourite songs to be sung by Bree and her awesome ukulele.
Lorene and daughter Sukie
Parent at Bowes Ave Community Centre
We absolutely LOVE Bree's music sessions from B Minor music. She includes and engages every child so very well making them all feel so valued and special being in her class. Bree always has a constant smile and her enthusiasm and love for her business really show through in the fun environment she creates in music time. Thanks Bree for your strong commitment to our kids, we appreciate all you do in helping our kids find their musical groove and having so much fun while learning!!
Sarah and son Harry
Parent at Bowes Ave Community Centre
Thank you Bree for all the laughter and fun you bought to our centre with your music. You had us all captivated with your infectious love for music and song. Hope to see you back again at our centre very soon.
Marina – Early childhood educator
Staff at Barry Beckett Children's Centre
Bree is wonderful with the children she listens to their requests and is very patient with them. The amazing trolley of surprises always keeps our children engaged and amazed. Also allows the educators to be involved, which personally I love!!!!
Jessie – Early childhood educator
Educator at Oak Park Children's Centre
B Minor Music is superb! My wee boy Harry LOVES Bree and the program. It is hard sometimes to get any information out of him about what he did at kinder, however, on B Minor Music days, I get answered in songs and very funky dancing! So if your centre does not yet have this program, why not be the fantastic parent who gets the ball rolling, you will not regret it!.
Kathryn and son Harry
Parent at Hartnett House Children's Centre
This is easily the best music program I have come across in the Early Childhood sector. The children and educators love Bree's energy and genuine love of music. I have learned a lot from watching her at her work 🙂
Ciara – Early childhood educator
Educator at Dawson st Community Childcare Centre
Bree is fantastic! The children look forward to our Monday session. Love that she asks the children for requests and is very patient in including ALL the children. We always wonder what songs we will sing for the day. Her trolley is magical! She keeps pulling out amazing props for us to sing with!
Iwandee – Assistant director and kinder teacher
Kinder Teacher at Dawson Street Community Child Care Co-operative
Our children absolutely adore her and the music program she brings to our centre. She is very talented and is able to combine music and storytelling into a very fun learning experience. I would recommend her to any centre.
Lidia – Early childhood educator
Room Leader at Oak Park Children's Centre
Our little girl Evie absolutely loves attending her music classes with Bree!! Each class is engaging and fun. We highly recommend B Minor Music.
Rebecca and daughter Evie
Parent at Taylors Hill Neighbourhood House

The sessions are fun, interactive & educational

Led by an experienced early childhood educator and trained performer, Bree is passionate about educating children through performance.

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