Top Parenting Hacks from Bree, B Minor Music
You’re doing a great job!!!!
Tips on choosing a name
What to do on rainy days?
Understanding Children’s Behaviour with Stephanie Wicker
The importance of music and movement in childhood
Favorite Parenting Advice
Tackling Tantrums
Car Seat Safety
Fun Foods for Fussy Eaters
5 Top Sensory Experiences that can be Achieved within the Home
The secret to a nit free life!
Teething, the things you need to know
Starting Solids
Preparing for a newborn
Tackling fevers with Child Revive First Aid
School Readiness and what you need to know.
Avoiding the Christmas Rush when shopping for your Children
Fun Snacks for Christmas Parties
Choosing childcare for your child
Friend In Me
So do you feel like your child/children never listen?
Toys and Gender
When your child asks, “How are babies made?”
Fun places to visit in Melbourne when you just can’t brave the cold
Car seat safety for older children
Five Children’s performance groups that the whole family will love
Five Party Games that every Guest will Love
Activities to enhance fine motor skills in children

The sessions are fun, interactive & educational

Classes can be run on an ongoing basis or for incursions.

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