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Award winning music and movement experiences filled with singing, dancing, puppets, percussion instruments and loads more fun.


B Minor Music is a child led music program where each child is encouraged to choose a song or experience every session.
*Please note that if the song/experience is not listed, still feel free to request it. Bree will do her best to tailor the program to your child’s needs as best she can.

Term Three Programs

B Minor Music is excited to be bringing music experiences to Villa Bambini, Wingate Ave Community Co op, Oak Park Children’s Centre, Remus Way Children’s Centre, NIDO-Airport West, Dawson st Community Co op and Taylors Hill Youth and Community Centre.
There are also limited spaces available for one off incursions.

Happy services that book B Minor Music.

Term 3 - Mondays, 9-11:20am
Term 3 - Mondays, 2-4pm
Term 3 - Wednesdays, 9:40-11am
Term 3 - Wednesdays, 12:30-1pm
Term 3 - Wednesdays, 2:30-3:30pm
Term 3 - Thursdays, 9-11:20am
Term 3 - Thursdays, 2-4pm
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