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B Minor Music is Melbourne’s only child led music and movement program specialising in children’s centres, Kindergartens and community centres. 

It is a program for all ages to enjoy with a focus on children aged 4 months through to 8 years, including primary and special development schools.

Bree focuses on education through music and performance whilst encouraging children to engage and develop in a way that suits their needs best.

The sessions are fun, interactive & educational

Led by an experienced early childhood educator and trained performer, Bree is passionate about educating children through performance.

B Minor Music sessions are developmentally appropriate with each session adapted to the dynamics of the group and the children’s abilities. They are also flexible to include the ongoing interests of the children in each group. 

Sessions are jam packed with singing, puppetry, dancing, action songs, rhymes, stories, felt board characters and musical instruments.

The groups are interactive, inclusive and full of fun with all props and instruments provided.

The children are encouraged to play a big role in choosing what they would like to do each session, providing a happy balance between old favorites and the introduction of new experiences.

Sessions are available to be run on an ongoing basis or for incursions.

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