Term Two – Fridays 10-10:30am Casual bookings


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Join Bree from B Minor Music at ShowBiz performing arts studios for our open age music experience this Friday at 10am
Sessions include singing, dancing, percussions instruments, puppetry, felt board characters and loads more.
The program is designed to foster a love of music whilst developing language, cognitive, gross motor, social and emotional skills.
$15 single casual booking
$25 two sibling casual booking
$35 three sibling term pass
*Siblings under 12months are free*

***Due to covid restrictions, please contact Bree from B Minor Music if you would like more than one adult per family to attend***

Class Pass

Casual booking – 1 single, Casual booking – 2 siblings, Casual booking – 3 siblings

Casual booking - 1 single


Casual booking - 2 siblings


Casual booking - 3 siblings


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